Snippets - ReEndtroducing: The Second Album - Snippets

by Guillermo Chiapa



Snippets smeared together to make an audio sampler of...

ReEndtroducing: The Second Album

This track contains little snippets of a project that was started a few years ago. The project has recently been picked back up and the plan is to wrap it up, soon.

Release Date TBD (Artwork by: Amerigo Gazaway)

1. Building Steam With An Electric Chair
2. Shed The Water Number - (CtChmst)
3. Napalm The Beast
4. Don't Pretend At Midnight (Bonus)
5. Sometimes The Organ Donor Asks Why
6. Nebula's Mutual Eye Slump
7. New Exclamation Point Song
8. What Does Everyone's Soul Look Like

The thumbnail is not the art.. just a place holder for now.

The project attempts to weave DJ Shadow's Endtroducing with Latyrx's The Second Album. That's it for now.


released September 28, 2019
DJ Shadow/Endtroducing
Latyrx /The Second Album
ReEndtroducing The Second Album



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